The Most Popular Funeral Flowers to send as Condolence

When your close one is grieving or mourning for losing loved ones. We want to give them our condolences, but it is hard to communicate during difficult times. It is better to provide them with flowers that express your emotions. If you can't be with them, send sympathy flowers by delivery is better.  

Give the Condolence flowers of your feelings to your loved ones. The flowers are the ideal way to show your honest emotion toward the close ones. And each different type of flower holds a different meaning in it. 

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Here I will give you a list of flowers you can provide for sympathy.   

1 Chrysanthemum  

Chrysanthemums are flowers ideally used by all parts of the world as a funeral flower. In Asian countries, it is traditionally given to the close ones as condolences for their loss and grief. And in western countries, these flowers are used in memorial services.   

The chrysanthemums flowers hold a very important meaning in the memorial service as the sympathy flowers for paying condolences.     

2 Lilies  

Lilies are the symbol of hope and positivity in people's life. Whenever someone loses someone, we want them to stay strong and hopeful. And lilies are this sympathy flower that conveys this message without even saying it. And that is why it is ideally the most chosen flower to offer condolences.   

One can never get wrong with the meaning of lilies without saying anything. It shows your emotions without even saying and reciprocates your feelings.   

3 Gladioli  

The spikes of gladioli are the symbol of strength. We all need power when we lose any close one. And same goes for the people mourning their loved one's death. By offering them the gladioli flowers, you are giving them strength in their life.   

The spike flowers gladioli give the mourners the inner strength and will in their life to keep going on.   

4 Roses  

Whenever we think of a rose, we always have a romantic idea in mind. But various kinds of roses have different meanings. The meanings depend on its different colors. Like the white roses are the flower for sympathy and empathy. Same way, yellow flowers show warmth towards other people.   

And peach roses show your sincerity towards the loss of the close ones. This way, roses are also sympathy flowers.   

5 Carnations  

The carnations can be easily found, and you can send this sympathy flower by delivery. Just like roses, carnations also have a variety of colors in them, offering different meanings and feelings. The red carnation shows devotion toward the lost one, and the pink carnation offers remembrance and sincerity to the family.

Carnations are one such flower that gives various meanings and feelings to loved ones. 

6 Orchids  

The long-lasting orchids symbolizes everlasting love for the lost person. It shows the love and bond between the people. By offering this as a mourning flower, you respect their love and bond for each other. The orchids are also the traditional choice for the memorial service.

Different color options are available in the orchids, which gives the other meaning of love for loved ones.

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