Why Should You Bring Flowers To Holiday Parties?

The flowers are a beautiful and thoughtful way to show someone you care, no matter what the occasion is. Whether you give a single flower or an arrangement of many, you can express much with this gesture - often more than words can say.   

When it comes to choosing the right type and color of flower decoration for an occasion, you may feel unsure. However, it's important to know that nearly every flower has an attached meaning or sentiment that can convey a message to the recipient or guests at an event.   

In short, before choosing a flower for a specific event, it's helpful to be aware of each type of flower's different meanings or sentiments. That way, you can ensure your choice is appropriate and won't cause any misunderstandings.

Why Should You Bring Flowers To Holiday Parties?

Special Occasion Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate any special occasion. You can choose any type of flower from a florist in West Hills, but if you want to make it even more meaningful, consider the symbolism of certain varieties:   

  • Camellia: excellence and finesse  
  • Daffodils: truth and forgiveness  
  • Daisies: innocence and playfulness  
  • Dahlias: change and excitement  
  • Iris: a traditional 25th-anniversary flower symbolizing faith, courage, and wisdom  
  • Orchids: love, luxury, beauty, charm, and strength

Christmas And Winter Holidays   

Giving a plant or floral arrangement as a gift to a holiday party host is a thoughtful gesture. Poinsettias are the most popular choice, and they come in a variety of colors, including red, white, yellow, and green. Amaryllis (a symbol of love and determination) is also a favored holiday flower collection bloom.  

Besides the poinsettia and amaryllis, there are additional meaningful ideas for holiday florals:  

  • Red poinsettia: the blood of Christ, Star of Bethlehem  
  • Christmas roses: a gift for Christ  
  • Holly: everlasting life  
  • Winter jasmine: Purity and modesty  
  • Narcissus: rebirth, renewal    

Wedding Flowers

Flower arrangements and bouquets are often critical elements in wedding planning, regardless of the size or location of the wedding. The trends for wedding flowers change from year to year, typically matching the trends in fashion and home decor. Many couples prefer to choose flowers based on the season of their nuptials.  

If you'd like to customize the message your flowers mean on your wedding day, here is the meaning behind some other wedding flower favorites:  

  • Amaryllis: love and determination  
  • Calla lilies: regal and elegant  
  • Gardenias: joy  
  • Hydrangeas: Perseverance and heartfelt emotion.  

Birthday Blooms   

A floral bouquet is a great way to show someone you're thinking of them on their birthday. To make it extra special, choose flowers that have a meaning or symbolism attached to them.  

Other ideal flowers to include in a birthday bouquet are   

  • pink carnations: Gratitude   
  • Red chrysanthemums: sharing and love   
  • Forget-me-nots: Remember the person forever  
  • Geraniums: Comfort and true friendship  
  • Jasmine: Grace and Elegance  

To Sum Up

There are more emotional benefits to sending flowers to your loved ones, especially when you cannot attend a special celebration like a birthday party, wedding anniversary, or Thanksgiving dinner. It's more sentimental to send flowers when you can't be there in person, and luckily you don't have to worry about where to get the appropriate flowers from Tina's flowers and gifts, the best florist for flower delivery in Calabasas.