Why It's A Great Idea To Gift Your Father Flowers This Father's Day?

Raise your hand if you've ever considered giving flowers to a special man in your life. We're sure few of our readers would have, and that's totally fine.

But when was the last time you watched a commercial featuring a man surrounded by lovely flowers? Doesn't anything come to mind? The same applies here. Women and flowers, on the other hand, appear to almost always go together, as if flowers are reserved solely for the enjoyment of women. 

We don't recall hearing many male voices in any of our numerous flower and plant-themed groups until recently. However, we are pleasantly delighted by the fact that an increasing number of males are sharing images of their newborn plants and flowers, which they have lovingly cared for some time.

Their World Is Colorful, And Flowers Would Just Make It Pop

Without question, society is getting more gender-balanced. As a result, many gender-related rules that existed just a few decades ago no longer apply. 

"Before the '90s, men were almost banned from walking near flowers unless they were getting married or being buried," wrote Leah Morrigan for the Huffington Post, "but homosexual men have not been subjected to the same prohibitions." 

After all, who wants life to be less lively, colorful, and charming?

Men are not only coming out of the woodwork to show off their green thumbs, but they also like adding to their collection of house plants. When given a fresh flower bouquet, they also find it special and sweet. 

Flowers Are Equally Important To Males As They Are To Females

Flowers have traditionally been worn by grooms on their lapel on their wedding day. When a new baby is born, we give flowers to the entire family as a present, and we also send flowers to those who have passed away. 

We are also living through a terrible time in the world, where we have been requested to spend the majority of our time indoors, putting our emotions to the test. A present that connects us to the wonders of nature could be the ideal approach to express our love for our fathers. So, why not give the key guys in our life a fresh flower bouquet, a fresh flower arrangement, or perhaps a stunning orchid plant to show them how wonderful they are?

Men, like women, differ in opinions, style and preferences, so put some thought into which flowers to send to your father! After watching a fresh flower bouquet fade after a few weeks, practical dads will probably believe it's a waste. Thus, a potted plant is the greatest option for practical dads, and our favorites are the lovely orchid plants. Fathers who are at ease with their sensitive side, on the other hand, enjoy colorful fresh flower arrangements in vases or bouquets!

Choosing Right Flowers For Your Dad

Red roses are the official flower of Father's Day, whereas carnations are the traditional Mother's Day flower. And what a lovely and appropriate symbol they are, as they also represent love. Men, in our experience, prefer more organized layouts and colorful combinations. Below are some of our personal favorites for this occasion.

  • White Orchid arrangement
  • Callas and exotic greens
  • Modern, bright summer vase arrangement

At Tina's Flowers, we make all our arrangements focusing on design, distinction, and inspiration in crafting a dedicated flower arrangement for any space or for any occasion. Feel free to contact us for any doubts or even get home delivery for flowers of your choice at your place.