Top Wedding Flower Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Weddings are one of the most important and special days in everyone's life. While you only need to care about the one you are going to marry, wedding flower arrangement is crucial, too. Traditional or modern weddings miss the soul of the event if they don't get wedding flower bouquets and arrangements.  

However, apart from the classic wedding floral options, most couples want to add a touch of trends. In this blog, we will provide 10 of the latest wedding flower trends in 2024 to help you get an idea for flower arrangements.  

You can follow these trends in wedding flowers by season, color, or your wedding theme. Just find a local florist in Encino and ask about various trending flower arrangements for weddings to get started.  

Top 10 Wedding Flower Trends for 2024

From classic roses to elegant lilies, there are so many new trends in wedding flowers these days. Here are some of the notable one we adore,  

 1. Classic Romance: Garden Roses

Garden roses are a classic choice and one of the top wedding flower trends for 2024. They come in soft colors like pink, peach, lavender, and cream and have round blooms with velvety petals that look elegant and romantic. One of the most trending ones is silky white wedding flowers; these elegant white roses can create a surreal atmosphere at your wedding. You can use roses to make beautiful bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and garlands.  

They add a timeless and sophisticated touch to your wedding, whether you use them alone or mix them with other flowers. While you can use roses as a wedding floral arrangement at any time of the year, roses are the June wedding flower trend, as you can find an abundance of them at your nearby florist shop.

2. Luxurious Blooms: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have also been a popular wedding flower trend in recent times. They have full and fluffy blooms that create a whimsical feel. Hydrangeas come in many colors, from white and blush to blue, purple, and green, so you can match them to your color scheme. For couples who want to make a color-based theme, hydrangeas are perfect for purple wedding flowers. You can use hydrangeas to make large centerpieces, add fullness to bouquets, or create flower walls and ceremony backdrops.  

3. Playful Cheer: Zinnias

Zinnias are beautiful and trending wedding flowers that can add a touch of fun and whimsy to your special day. They come in many colors, including classic pinks and oranges, as well as more unique shades like magenta and lime green wedding flowers. You can choose from different sizes, too, with some zinnia being delicate while others make a bold statement.   

They're versatile flowers that can be used in many wedding styles, from traditional to modern. You can use zinnias in bouquets for bridesmaids or as playful centerpieces at a summer wedding. They're perfect for adding a rustic wedding flower touch or for creating a bold and modern look. Whether you're going for a classic or unique wedding style, zinnias can be a great choice.

4. Fragrant Elegance: Freesias

Introduce a touch of elegance and beautiful fragrance to your wedding day with delicate freesias. These dainty flowers boast a delightful scent reminiscent of citrus and honeysuckle and come in a range of colors like white, yellow, purple, and even soft pink. Freesias are perfect fragrant wedding flowers for creating romantic and sophisticated bouquets or adding a touch of elegance to centerpieces. Their delicate nature pairs well with other soft blooms like roses and lisianthus, or they can be used alone for a minimalist and chic look.  

5. Textured Surprise: Carnations

Carnations are a great option for your wedding flowers because they come in a variety of shapes and colors. Modern carnations have a range of textures, from ruffled doubles to fringed petals and even spray carnations with clusters of smaller blooms. These textures can add unique visual interest to your wedding flower bouquet and arrangements. Also, carnations are budget-friendly, making them an excellent choice for any cost of wedding flowers theme. So, if you want to add some trendy wedding flowers to your wedding arrangements, consider using carnations.  

6. Elegant Fragrance: Lilies

Lilies are always and forever will be the top trending wedding flowers, as they are sophisticated and have a lovely fragrance. These beautiful flowers come in various colors and types. The Asiatic lilies are pure white, while the Oriental lilies offer vibrant colors and trumpet-shaped blooms. You can use lilies to create gorgeous centerpieces or add elegance to bouquets. These are June wedding flowers and are also great for bringing height and drama to your arrangements. However, keep in mind that lilies have a strong fragrance that may not be suitable for individuals with allergies.

7. Springtime Cheer: Dainty Tulips

Tulips are a popular choice for weddings held in spring and summer flower arrangements. They symbolize perfect love and new beginnings and come in a variety of colors ranging from classic white, red, and pink wedding flowers to more unique shades like orange, purple, and black. Tulips can be used to create elegant bouquets or add a touch of cheerfulness to centerpieces. Their clean lines and vibrant colors make them a perfect choice for modern wedding themes and are popular wedding flower trends in 2024.

8. Stately Drama: Gladiolus

If you want to add height or make a bold statement with your centerpieces, consider using gladioli. These are currently wedding flower trends that have tall spikes with bright and colorful blooms, including red, pink, yellow, orange, and purple. They are perfect for creating a dramatic focal point in your wedding décor or adding elegance to larger arrangements. Gladioli are tall and visually impactful, making them a great choice for tall centerpieces or ceremony arches.

9. Modern & Unexpected: Air Plants

Air plants are unique, modern, and trending wedding flower arrangements to add to your wedding décor. These plants don't need soil and absorb moisture from the air, which makes them low maintenance. They come in various shapes and sizes, with interesting textures and even some varieties that bloom with colorful flowers. You can use air plants as an exclusive and elegant touch in wedding flower bouquets. It will shine as unique centerpieces in decorative terrariums or create living wall installations for a modern and eco-friendly wedding aesthetic.  

10. Soft Romantic Touch: Dusty Miller

A dusty miller is a plant with silver foliage that can add a touch of offbeat and soft, romantic elegance to bouquets or centerpieces of trending wedding flowers. Its fuzzy, silvery-white leaves are versatile and complement a variety of flower colors beautifully. Dusty Miller can be used as filler and adds a touch of texture and softness to any wedding flower arrangement. It pairs well with bolder colored blooms, creating a more visually interesting arrangement. Dusty Miller is a versatile plant that can be incorporated into various wedding themes, from rustic and vintage to modern and minimalist.  


Finding the perfect wedding flowers for a special day sometimes feels like next to impossible. After all, who doesn't want to splurge on something new and trendy that makes the day memorable.  

While most couples go with simple and affordable wedding flower arrangements, there are those who want to create a new floral theme with a trending wedding flower arrangement. In this blog, we have provided some of the most popular and latest wedding flower trends.  

The best thing about this list is you can find options for all-season weddings, color-based themes, or different styles of centerpieces or wedding bouquets. We have also added trendy flowers that can help you plan cost-effective flowers for your weddings.  

If you are looking to make your wedding day extra special, contact Tina's Flowers. We have years of experience creating the perfect wedding flower arrangements that will evoke emotion and create lasting memories. Call us today to ask us about the trending wedding flowers of 2024 and how we can utilize them for your wedding.