Understanding The Symbolic Meanings of Funeral Flowers in 2024

When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to express our emotions. One way to convey our feelings is through the symbolism of flowers. The choice of funeral flower arrangements can communicate our love and respect for the departed.  

It is important to understand the meanings of different flower colors and types when you send funeral flowers online. So, what do different flowers symbolize in the context of death, and what message do you want to convey? Through this post, we will understand the significance behind popular funeral flowers and help you in selecting the unique funeral flower arrangements from Tinas Flowers. 

Let's begin by understanding more about funeral flowers.

What are Funeral Flowers Arrangements? 

Funeral flowers are floral arrangements traditionally sent to funerals or memorial services as a gesture of sympathy and respect for the deceased and their family. 

These unique funeral flowers arrangements can include wreaths, sprays, bouquets, and baskets, and are usually designed in somber or muted colors to reflect the solemnity of the occasion.  

Sending funeral flowers online has become a tradition today that offers comfort to grieving families and serves as a tribute to the life of the departed. 

Why Do we Send Flowers at Funerals- A Short and Quick History

Funeral flowers have a long history, dating back to ancient times. In 1951, researchers discovered burial sites in Northern Iraq that contained flowers, believed to date back to 62,000 B.C. 

The ancient Egyptians regarded the lotus as a sacred flower, associating it with resurrection as the lotus can regrow from water. The lotus flower was often used in funerals, symbolizing the hope of the deceased soul being reborn. 

In Russia, it is customary for funeral attendees to give flowers in even numbers. This practice originated from the tradition of giving two flowers during military funerals: one for the fallen soldier and one for God.  

These historical records indicate that people initially used flowers at funerals to mask the scent of decaying bodies. During this time, the choice of funeral flowers was mainly based on their strong fragrances.  

With the passage of time, flowers transitioned from being a necessity to symbolizing sympathy and respect for the departed soul.

The Symbolic Meaning of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral flower arrangements express condolences, respect, sympathy and memories for the deceased. Here we have provided a list of the most popular flowers you can send at a funeral: - 

  • Roses  
  • Lilies  
  • Carnations 
  • Orchids  
  • Camellia  
  • Tulips and Daffodils   
  • Chrysanthemums  

Now let's understand about the symbolic meaning of these unique funeral flowers: - 

1. Roses

Roses are traditionally associated with romance and passion, but they are also fitting for funerals. Each color of rose has a unique meaning, particularly in a funeral setting.  

Red roses symbolize love and grief, white roses symbolize innocence and purity, and yellow roses represent friendship if the deceased was a close friend. 

2. Lilies

Lilies are popular funeral flowers as they symbolize innocence and purity for the soul that has departed. White is the preferred choice for funerals, although lilies come in many different colors. 

3. Carnations

Similar to roses, each color of carnation carries its own meaning, making it important to choose carefully. Red carnations are often used to show affection, while white carnations symbolize innocence and rebirth.  

Pink carnations may be appropriate if the deceased was Catholic or Christian, as they are believed to have been created by the tears of the Virgin Mary. 

4. Orchids  

At a funeral, an orchid plant symbolizes everlasting love for the deceased. White or pink orchids are recommended for expressing sympathy. 

5. Camellia  

Camellia flowers symbolize perfection, refinement, and excellence, making them ideal for funerals of those admired or truly respected. 

6. Tulips and Daffodils 

Daffodils and tulips are associated with renewal and new beginnings. Sending an arrangement with these flowers to the family of the deceased conveys encouragement and the belief that they will find happiness again. 

7. Chrysanthemums  

Chrysanthemums are popular funeral flowers with varying meanings depending on the country. In Asian countries such as Korea and Japan, they symbolize death and grief, while in the U.S., they represent truth. 

Tips For Choosing the Right Funeral Flower Arrangements

Choosing the right funeral flower arrangements can be a meaningful way to express your sympathy and honor a loved one. Follow these important tips to select and send funeral flowers online: - 

  • Focus on understanding the meaning of funeral flowers as different flowers convey various messages.  
  • Select flowers or colors as per the preferences of the deceased.  
  • Take a note of any cultural or religious preferences related to funeral flowers.  
  • Choose an arrangement size which is appropriate for the venue. 
  • Add a personal touch, like a favorite flower or a custom ribbon, to make the tribute unique. 

Final Thoughts- Symbolic Meanings of Funeral Flowers in 2024

Choosing funeral flowers is a meaningful way to express care and respect during times of grief. Each type of flower carries a special meaning, helping us convey our emotions. 

Understanding the significance of popular funeral flowers can guide you in selecting an arrangement that is suitable for your relationship with the deceased. Utilize these flowers to communicate your heartfelt emotions and bid a final farewell to your friend or family member.

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