7 Romantic Flowers That Are Not Roses


What is your go-to flower choice for any occasion? Let us guess: roses, right? Of course, they are everyone's favorite, the epitome of romance. As much as we love roses, they are not the only ones that express love. There are many romantic flowers other than roses, which come in a wide range of colors and shapes.

Roses are by far the first choice to send bestselling flowers online ever, but you can do better: choose other flowers and create a unique bouquet for your loved one. In this blog, we will provide 7 romantic flowers that are better than roses. These flowers perfectly sum up your feelings and make a lifelong memory with your special someone. At Tina's Flower, as the most popular flower shop in Calabasas, we offer them various flower arrangements.

Most Popular Romantic Flowers Beside Roses


Get over the predictable rose and choose the opulent charm of peonies. These breathtaking blooms unfurl in a cascade of ruffled petals, available in shades of pink, white, and red. When you gift these unique flowers instead of roses, it sends a message that you made an effort. Instead of going for the last minute option, you choose a stunning flower other than rose.

Peonies symbolize prosperity and happiness. That is why most people choose it for engagement or anniversary flower arrangements, as it marks a significant milestone in your love story. Unlike roses, peonies offer a touch of the unexpected, making them a truly special gesture. We provide a wide range of peony flower arrangements to choose from for your special occasion.


For a more graceful approach, tulip is a great alternative to rose. Tulips have long, graceful stems and come in vibrant colors such as red, pink, and yellow. Unlike roses, each color of tulip represents a different emotion, offering a wider range of feelings. With their wide variety of colors, tulips are very versatile for any occasion.

Tulips are great options for anniversaries and birthdays. While roses are the first choice on these happy occasions, tulips are a unique option. Also, if you give tulips to your loved one, they can keep them in a vase with sugar and water for a longer time. This will remind them every day of your thoughtful gesture. At Tina's Flower, we offer many tulip flower bouquets in different colors for every occasion.


Lilies are a sophisticated choice for romantic floral arrangements, offering captivating beauty and symbolic meaning. Their trumpet-shaped blooms come in white, pink, orange, and yellow and provide a delicate fragrance, setting them apart from the sometimes-overpowering scent of roses.

White lilies symbolize purity and new beginnings, making them a thoughtful choice for a first date or a fresh start in your relationship. Pink lilies convey deeper affection and care, which is why these flowers are better than roses. Unlike roses, which can be seen as slightly generic, lilies offer a more nuanced expression of your feelings.  


They are one of the most amazing choices for romantic flowers other than roses. Orchids have unique and exotic beauty with their delicate appearance and stunning variety of shapes and colors for bouquets. Unlike roses with their thorns, orchids offer luxury, strength, and admiration. Thats why it sends a powerful message for your significant other.

Whether you choose a vibrant phalaenopsis or a more subdued variety of flower arrangements, orchids offer a sophisticated and modern way to express your feelings. If we talk about romantic flowers that aren't roses, we need to mention orchids. As a leading flower shop in Calabasas, we have beautiful bouquets and orchid flower arrangements for all occasions.


While roses offer classic elegance, dahlias bring drama and vibrancy to your romantic gesture. That's why if you want to add excitement and romance to the relationship, go for dahlias. These flowers have large, showy blooms that look like a mix of daisies and chrysanthemums. Dahlias come in a wide range of colors, from reds and whites to oranges and purples. This variety allows you to personalize your message perfectly, which is why these flowers are better than roses in all measures.

Dahlias symbolize love, elegance, strength, and creativity, making them a great choice for expressing affection. It also has a long vase life, ensuring that your love statement lasts. If you want a bold and unforgettable bloom to express your feelings, dahlias are perfect.


If you are looking for a romantic gesture that conveys dedication and appreciation, consider hydrangeas. These captivating blooms have large, rounded clusters of tiny flowers, creating a breathtaking display of texture and color. These can be a great alternative for roses with their singular stems, it offers a more voluminous and abundant feel. The color palette of hydrangeas ranges from delicate whites and pinks to vibrant blues and purples, allowing you to tailor the message to your specific emotion.

In the language of flowers, hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotions like gratitude, understanding, and lasting love. You can send hydrangeas as a beautiful message for a long-term relationship or a heartfelt apology. Unlike roses, which can be seen as slightly impersonal, hydrangeas open up a whole new way of expressing your feelings with these romantic flowers.


They are often associated with autumn and provide a unique and unexpected alternative to roses. These cheerful blooms have many petal shapes and sizes, creating a vibrant and textural display. Chrysanthemums symbolize joy, loyalty, and devotion – a heartwarming message for your loved one which is more romantic than roses.

Chrysanthemums come in an equally diverse color palette that lets you customize your message properly, from bold pinks and deep reds to traditional yellows and oranges. Roses are often associated with cliches, while chrysanthemums provide a novel and surprising means of expressing your emotions. Additionally, because of their durability, your flower arrangement will continue to cheer people for many days to come.


We often choose roses for flower arrangement and add another flower to compliment it; however, without roses, they also shine brighter. There are multitudes of options when we think about most romantic flowers besides roses. Add a little greenery to any of the flower from above and it can become a perfect choice for any romantic occasion.

In this blog, we have provided a list of 7 flowers that can be a great alternative to rose. They have wide palate of colors, shapes, fragrances and meaning. It can differentiate you from others and make an impact on the receiving person. Why go with cliché roses when you have plethora of romantic flower arrangement choices.

If you are looking to gift your loved one a beautiful and unique bouquet on a special day that needs be better than roses, we can help you. At Tina's flower, we have wide range of fresh and seasonal flowers that can be a great options beside roses. Visit our flower shop in Calabasas or order online today.