Purple Flower Meaning: What Do They Symbolize?

Purple flowers have been charming us for ages with their one-of-a-kind beauty. But did you know that they have secret meanings? Yes, they do, and these meanings can change depending on where and when you are. 

Do not worry; Tinas Flowers is here to assist you. As a popular flower shop in Northridge, today we are going to explore their symbolism and learn what they stand for. 

Whether you are planning a garden full of purple flowers or you are just curious about flower language, keep reading to find out what purple flowers really mean.  

About Purple Flowers

Purple flowers are more common than purple dyes. In fact, there are over 100 species of purple flowers found worldwide, including popular choices such as lavender, purple tulips, and verbena.

Flower colors, such as purple, are predominantly produced by pigments called anthocyanins, which are naturally produced by the plant. Anthocyanins create flower colors such as white, red, blue, and purple.

Conversely, warm pigments such as yellow, orange, and red are created by carotenoids. Nowadays, flower color can also be genetically modified in certain instances, as seen with the violet-blue chrysanthemum.

Types of Purple Flowers

It is essential to remember that different kinds of purple flowers have diverse meanings.

For example, the symbolism of purple clematis includes desire and reaching for the stars. Purple iris symbolism encompasses benevolence, understanding, and forgiving. Lavender meaning, on the other hand, comprises healing, purity, and elegance. 

Here are some popular purple flowers used in various arrangements:

  • Azalea
  • Carnation  
  • Chrysanthemum  
  • Clematis  
  • Dahlia  
  • Hydrangea  
  • Iris  
  • Lily  
  • Lilac  
  • Orchid  
  • Peony  
  • Rose  
  • Tulip  

The Cultural Importance of Purple Flowers

Purple Lotus flowers, for example, have a cultural significance. This species is revered in Buddhism. Lotuses of various colors have distinct connotations in this religion, with many signifying purity, grace, or the Buddha himself. In Buddhism, the purple lotus signifies the inner path. 

Violet is another well-known purple flower in mythology. The flower was popular among ancient Greeks and became associated with Athens and the goddess Aphrodite. 

The Spiritual Meaning of Purple Flowers

Aside from the purple lotus in Buddhism, purple flowers have numerous additional significances in spiritual traditions across the world. Several purple flowers are mentioned in the Bible. Oriental hyacinths and oriental poppies are examples. 

Violets are very significant in Christianity. Violets are usually associated with repentance from sin, and medieval monks referred to them as Trinity flowers.  

The symbolism of Purple Flowers in Art and Literature

Purple flowers have been a popular subject in art and literature for centuries. Paintings such as Vincent Van Gogh's Still Life with Irises and Georgia O'Keefe's Petunias showcase purple flowers as a primary focal point. 

Additionally, purple flowers are frequently referenced in literature. One famous example is Ophelia's flowers in Shakespeare's Hamlet. In this scene, Ophelia gives flowers to other characters to convey meanings she cannot express aloud. She gives rosemary to her brother, asking him to remember her, and offers columbines to the king as a sign that she knows he has been unfaithful. 

Another example is the play The Purple Flower by American writer Marita Bonner. 

The Meaning and Symbolism of Purple Flowers in Today's World

Purple flowers have different meanings depending on the context, making them versatile and suitable for occasions such as birthdays, thank you gestures, and anniversaries. 

They can also be given as a sign of respect, admiration, or adoration for the recipient due to their status of symbolism. 

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