The Most Popular Summer Flowers

Spring is here, but summer is on the way, so are you ready for some of the most beautiful summer flowers? Summer brings lots of childhood memories, and it's time to relax and enjoy as the sun starts to brighten up, which brings lots of seasonal flowers to bloom.  

According to recent statistics, the demand for summer flowers is growing exponentially, and sunflowers are the most popular summer flower in the US. That's why we have provided a list of the best summer flowers to gift your loved one on special occasions. We have also added various summer flower arrangement ideas, so you can ask your local florist for flower delivery in Calabasas to arrange it.  

Top Summer Flowers in the US

Here are the top summer flowers which you can add to your bouquet and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any special day this summer. 


When we talk about the most popular summer flowers, we need to mention sunflowers without missing a beat. They express the true meaning of summer with their yellow petals and make us nostalgic for old summertime. They represent the happiness, positivity, and warmth of summer.  

When you gift a sunflower summer bouquet to someone special, it will instantly uplift their spirit and bring a bright smile to their face. It's a perfect choice to deliver a breathtaking bouquet of summer flowers to your loved one on their birthday. If you are celebrating a milestone in your relationship, sunflower anniversary flower delivery will cheer you up.


Traditional yet trendy, Marigolds are the best summer flower option that can mark the day with happy memories. Why send a summer flower bouquet with marigolds? It is simply beautiful and dazzling. Marigold comes in a wide range of colors, from sunshine yellow to fiery orange and deep red.  

It is a great choice to send a summer flower bouquet because it symbolizes passion and creativity. Gift a marigold summer flower arrangement to someone who is starting a new adventure, be it a new relationship or business venture. This summer flower arrangement idea for Marigold's vibrant hues is guaranteed to add a pop of color to any room.  


Daisies are beautiful flowers that symbolize innocence and purity. They have a cheerful appearance and delicate petals that remind us of carefree summer days. They make a perfect gift for a new mother, a friend who needs to feel better or to show gratitude to someone. Daise's flower thrives in summer because it loves the sun, so make it your first choice. At Tina's Flower, we offer a delightful selection of daisy arrangements for summer, ranging from classic white to playful mixed bouquets.


They may grow in spring, but Dahlias are sun-loving flowers and one of the most popular summer flower gifts. One of the reasons most people gift dahlias is that they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes them perfect for summer flower arrangement ideas. Dahlias are showstoppers; they symbolize elegance and might. That's why you can surprise them with a seasonal summer flower delivery with dahlias for strong women.


If we are making a list of the most popular summer flowers, we cannot forget Lilies. They are the perfect summer flower for those who appreciate elegance and a captivating scent. With an exhaustive range of colors, lilies hold significant meaning, making them an ideal gift for different occasions during the summer season. 

White lilies signify purity and innocence, while pink lilies represent affection and admiration. Whether you want to express gratitude, love, or sympathy, lilies are the perfect choice. So, if you want to make a lasting impression this summer, consider gifting a stunning summer flower bouquet of lilies.



Hydrangeas are beautiful summer flowers that come in a variety of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant blues and purples. They are perfect for expressing gratitude and appreciation, making them an ideal gift for teachers or anyone deserving of a heartfelt gesture.  

Hydrangeas represent summer and have long-lasting blooms that continue to bring joy long after they are received. You can show your warm wishes by sending a delightful summer flower arrangement that can be delivered for their enjoyment.


Lavender is a wonderful addition to any summer floral arrangement due to its calming and soothing scent. It symbolizes peace and tranquility, making it a thoughtful gift for someone who needs a moment of relaxation or a pick-me-up. We offer a selection of lavender-infused bouquets at Tina's Flower Shop. Brighten someone's summer by sending them a delivered bouquet of seasonal blooms.

Summer Flower Bouquet Ideas for Every Occasion

Summer's vibrant colors and warm sunshine call for equally cheerful floral arrangements. Here at Tina's Flower, we've put together some inspiring ideas using the season's best blooms, perfect for gifting or adding a touch of summer joy to your own home. Remember, you can always ask your local florist to create a custom summer flower arrangement based on your preferences. 

  • Classic Summer Mix

This summer flower arrangement embodies the essence of summer with a classic combination of sunflowers, daisies, and marigolds. Sunflowers, with their bright yellow petals, radiate warmth, while the daisies add a touch of innocence. Marigolds, available in a variety of fiery colors, bring a vibrant pop of color. Perfect for any occasion, be it a birthday, a housewarming, or just to show someone you care.  

  • Cheerful Centerpiece

Create a beautiful centerpiece for your summer gathering by mixing lilies, hydrangeas, and dahlias. The lilies have a lovely scent and will add elegance to your arrangement. Hydrangeas are available in blue or purple and will give your centerpiece a full and fluffy look. Dahlias come in different shapes and sizes, adding a touch of drama. With these three, your summer flower arrangement bouquet is guaranteed to be the star of your table.  

  • Summer Splash Bouquet

Brighten up someone's day with a Summer Splash bouquet. This summer bouquet is a perfect choice for a graduation celebration or a summer barbecue. It features a mix of sunflowers, marigolds, and daisies in vibrant colors. It has playful varieties of red or pink petals instead of the classic yellow daisies.  

The Summer flower bouquet is a truly eye-catching flower arrangement that will add a burst of color to any occasion. You can add some of the most popular summer flowers from the US or choose from fields of European summer bouquets to add a unique touch.  

  • Sweet Summer Scents

Enjoy the pleasant aroma of the most popular summer flowers with a lavender and lily bouquet. Lavender is known for its calming properties, which make it perfect for creating a serene environment, while the elegant lilies add a touch of beauty. This summer flower bouquet is a thoughtful gift for someone who needs a moment of relaxation or to show that you care about them.  


As we wait for summer, we can plan to send beautiful summer flowers to our loved ones. Each summer flower has its own unique charm and symbolism, making it a great choice for gifting or decorating our homes. These summer blooms offer a colorful tapestry of emotions and memories to cherish.  

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply embracing the beauty of nature. Summer flower arrangement brings timeless beauty and boundless joy to our lives. In this blog, we have mentioned the most popular summer flowers that you can add to your bouquet. We have also added summer flower arrangement ideas, so you can ask your nearby florist in Calabasas to put them together.   

At Tina's Flowers, we are a leading florist that offers flower delivery in Calabasas. Our collection of trendy flowers will surely entice you to send them to your loved one. This summer, we will offer a plethora of summer flower bouquets that can make your special day memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a summer flower from the best florist in Calabasas.