How to Choose The Best Flowers As Per The Occasion?

From confessing feelings or expressing thanks to expressing condolences, giving someone flowers can help us to communicate several sentiments. Flowers are natural, beautiful, and fragrant and one would exactly be able to stir an emotional response in almost any recipient. They have become a traditional present for many unique occasions because for many years we've been giving flowers to one another. 

Every Occasion Calls for Flowers, however, your choice of flowers might be influenced by tradition or etiquette, complicating what at first might seem like a simple decision. We shall help you out in choosing the right flowers as per the occasion, we've put together this guide. Read on to find out more.

Tips To Choose Ideal Flower For The Occasion

The language of flowers is called floriography. During the Victorian era, flower dictionaries were published explaining the meaning of plants, flowers, and herbs. Floriography made it popular to give flowers to send messages to the recipient. Each occasion has a unique of flowers as described here:

  • Valentine's Day Flowers: Roses are the first flower that comes to mind for Valentine's Day. Their vivid shades of reds and pinks offer the perfect symbol of the passion and romance in your relationship. These flowers tend to look great irrespective of how you place them. It can be given as a single flower, a small bunch, or even a large bunch. One can also make use of several props like vase or basket. But in case you want to try something other than roses, then tulips, hyacinths, orchids, and carnations are the other traditional choice. They also have that bright and loving feeling. Hence it makes them a great alternative to roses or lovely flowers to mix into a beautifully presented Valentine's bouquet.
  • Mother's Day Flowers: Mothers play a unique role in our life, so when Mother's day comes around, it's only appropriate that you get her some special flowers arrangement. You will want to make her feel cherished and appreciated by choosing an arrangement like that. Opt for something that lights up the room, and their delicate fragrance will freshen up at home for days. Opting for colorful species like carnations and roses. You can mix it with chrysanthemums, lilies, and Gerbera daisies; they can be a great choice as well. 
  1. Gerbera daisies: cheerfulness
  2. White lilacs: the joy of youth 
  3. Daylilies: mother
  4. Lily-of-the-valley: sweetness, pure love
  5. Dwarf sunflowers: adoration
  6. Red tulips: declaration of love
  7. Yellow tulips: a smile with sunshine
  • Flowers For A New Baby: Making a fantastic gift for welcoming a baby into the world can be done by offering the warmest wishes to happy parents. It can be done by presenting flowers as flowers are a wonderful symbol of new life. So if you are sending your floral gift to a hospital, it is recommended to opt for flowers with little-to-no scent. It is recommended because this can cater to all visitors. Stick with the traditional colors that match the gender of the new arrival. You can opt for blues or rich purples for a boy and pinks or creams for a girl. Large, colored roses make great centerpieces. You can even offset the smaller flowers that complement the shade of big-centered petals for this type of arrangement. 
  • Congratulations Flowers: Flowers are the best way to express your feelings, like when there is an occasion where one might want to congratulate another, like a new job, graduation or new home. Whatever the reason is, you need to take care of who you are sending them to and the time of year; you might have to put some thought into the type of flowers you are giving.
  • Engagement Flowers: Celebrating the love of two people for one another in an engagement is a time for celebrating it, and the best way to offer your heartfelt congratulations is with a bouquet that matches the sentiment. The perfect flower for the happy couple is to try to choose something that fits both of their personalities. Or you can try flowers like flamboyant chrysanthemum and oriental lilies, or daisies and yellow carnations for people who are jolly types.
  • Birthday Flowers: Flowers will go well with almost anything though there is a whole world of gifts that you can buy for a birthday. There are a couple of methods you can use to find the ideal choice for your loved one, with the simplest being to choose their favorite type of flower and a sure way of bringing a smile to their face.
  • Anniversary Flowers: Flower trends change from time to time, and regardless of the size or location of the wedding, many couples consider flower arrangements and bouquets to be critical elements during the planning process. There are different colors and styles, and typically the one that matches the fashion and home decor. Some even prefer to choose according to the season. Some popular choices for wedding bouquets and arrangements are red roses that symbolize passionate love and peonies representing a happy marriage, prosperity, and good fortune. Other options can be amaryllis, lilies, gardenias, or hydrangeas. 
  • Thank You Flowers: To say thank you to someone by sending or giving flowers is one of the most popular ways. Through your choice of color and type, you can show your gratitude. One way of choosing a thank-you bouquet is by tailoring it to your recipient's tastes. Other species of thank-you flowers convey different sentiments, like, sweet peas- convey 'thanks for a good time,'  hydrangeas can mean 'thank you for being understanding,' and chrysanthemums signify 'thank you for being a great friend.'
  • Say "Sorry," Flowers: Everyone does or may have done something wrong at some point, and one of the most meaningful ways to say sorry is with a bouquet of flowers. The flowers that you opt for should convey your regrets, and you will have the ideal gift to apologize for. Considering colors here, so White symbolizes peace and forgiveness, while yellow is the shade of friendship and companionship. 

Follow the advice as given, and you buy your flowers from Tina's flowers and Gifts as per the occasion, with confidence. Knowing you've made a great choice, we ensure that the flowers you choose will put a smile on your loved one's face.