Wedding Anniversary Flowers By Year: What Flowers Should You Give?

Flowers can be a part of the wedding anniversary celebration and part of your traditional gifts every year. Take a look at this anniversary flowers every year so that you can teach it when the time comes!


1st Anniversary: Carnation


Carnations are one of the traditional flowers used to celebrate a couple's first wedding anniversary/paper anniversary. Carnations are associated with young, strong, and passionate love. No other anniversary flower has such passion and love as carnation holds.


2nd Anniversary: Cosmos


The gorgeous cosmos flowers symbolize the transformation from simple essential love to a more complicated version, which most couples deal with in their second year of marriage. This flower is a new and intense symbol of powerful love.


3rd Anniversary: Sunflower


Sunflowers represent the third anniversary as it is powerful, colorful, and passionate. Many people believe that the robust and sturdy stalk of the sunflower is a symbol of a strong foundation on which a marriage is built. At the same time, the glowy yellow petals represent the love that has risen through the relationship over three years.


4th Anniversary: Geranium


After four years of marriage, a couple finds comfortable habits. Thus, the geranium is a familiar flower for the fourth wedding anniversary. This symbolizes beauty and eases that we all see in recognizable things.


5th Anniversary: Lily


This daisy represents the fifth wedding anniversary due to its symbolic structure. Every petal of the lily radiates outwards. This shows all the beautiful ways a couple will grow out, while the sturdy center symbolizes the strong and intense bond a married couple shares.


6th Anniversary: Calla Lily 


Calla lily is a beautiful and elegant flower. This long flower symbolizes uniqueness and pleasantness in all ways that every partner has grown in six years.


7th Anniversary: Freesia


This flower's smell is everyone's favorite and is a crucial factor/ingredient in many different soaps and lotions. It's an exotic appearance, with pretty staggering flower buds rising towards the stem. The freesia represented how couples appreciate their love and uniqueness in their partners. This is ideal for celebrating the 7th wedding anniversary. The freesia scent can be a good alternative if you cannot find these flowers.


8th Anniversary: Clematis 


These gorgeous flowers represent intelligence and intellectual capabilities. This is a beautiful choice for the 8th wedding anniversary. This also expresses how the couple has grown wiser all these years.


9th Anniversary: Poppy


This colorful blossom is accurate for the 9th anniversary; upon that, it is one of August's birth flowers too. This has become a symbol of imagination, a sense of peace that the couple reaches after nine years.


10th Anniversary: Daffodil


A simple daffodil is as pretty as can get, but when you offer a bunch of daffodils in the form of a bouquet, it can look amazing! This is why you can gift such wedding flowers on your 10th wedding anniversary.


15th Anniversary: Rose 


It is a very known fact that roses have been associated with a sense of intensity and passion. After 15 years of marriage, the couple knows each other in and out, which keeps the spark and romance alive.


20th Anniversary: Aster


This word is derived from the Ancient Greek word for star. This flower is ideal for 20thwedding anniversaries as it is believed to highlight all the more incredible spots and celebrities in a couple's journey throughout the marriage.


25th Anniversary: Iris


This flower is associated with royalty. By offering this to your partner as a silver jubilee wedding gift, you're letting them know that even after 25 years, you still think of them as royalty.


30th Anniversary: Lily


These are highly famous flowers. They are all very loved for all the pretty shades that they come in. Lily is full of surprises. This lily has a bold statement for 30th wedding anniversaries. This symbolizes that the happy couple still has a tint of passion and integrity.


50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses & Violets


These flowers gell very well together as yellow and purple compliment each other. This combo strikes 50th anniversaries because, by this stage of marriage, couples know enough about each other to complement well! This golden anniversary is only celebrated with these two flowers as it's a huge milestone.


So now you are aware of what flowers to give to your partner, make sure they feel special on every occasion. To know more about this, visit our website and get gloomy with our anniversary flowers!