How to Choose Right Flowers for your First Anniversary

Near to your first anniversary- Congratulations! This whole first year together is a complete bundle of joy, romance, understanding and good times of togetherness, but with many challenges too as you both as a couple start to learn about each other more in this first year there may be times where you need to adjust leading the chance of living a long and happy life together. Which is why it is necessary to celebrate your first anniversary in style and in a special way that will bring you close. Surprising your partner with the best of endless gifting options however, it won't be complete without flowers.

A beautiful flower bouquet makes the best anniversary gift for major couples as they can help you convey your deepest emotions of love, gratitude, and romance in the most beautiful manner.

But what problem mostly arises is choosing a perfect flower bouquet for an anniversary can be tricky on what to select from a flower shop in Northridge.  And in case you don’t know how to make your first anniversary special, this blog is for you to help you choose which flower will be the best to surprise your loved one.   

Here are some tips for you to choose perfect flower bouquet

  • Say it with Flowers

This is a phrase that has been used for decades just because flowers have been the best romantic gesture expressing emotions. Each flower has its own symbolic significance. 

  • Pick the best Flowers as per your requirement 

Before selecting the flowers you should see various basic things to keep in mind too. Like on what exactly does that color of flower symbolizes and many other things like,

  • Variety

Choosing the type of flower that signifies your first anniversary and having a good variety of flowers in that personalized bouquet where you incorporate the favorite florals into one. 

  • Color 

Consider picking a bunch of flowers in the traditional corresponding hue making it attractive by selecting good shades of color into that one personalized bouquet.

  • Accents 

Pair your beautiful bouquets with an accent such as a beautiful vase or with any of the gifts or even chocolates. Find this as a great opportunity to inculcate this into your beautiful vase arrangement.

  • Know about each color of flower and its significance

To know the meaning of a flower on what it symbolizes is important before surprising anyone with it. Some symbolizes friendship, whereas some signifies romantic love, affection, and many more. 

  • Choosing colors from your heart

Pick the best anniversary flowers in a bouquet for your loved one by selecting flowers from the options like  gerbera, sunflowers, or brightly colored roses or any other option like getting flower delivery of Calabasas or any other you like. For a stunningly colorful bouquet pretty pastel shades are even a good choice if their look is more muted.

  • Know the traditional flower for “First Anniversary”

The Carnation flower is said to be a traditional flower to surprise your loved one on the occasion of your first-anniversary. It represents love and comes in a variety of colors from pretty pastels to lighter hues. So accordingly choose the most suitable option of flower for your loved one even according to their choice if you know.   

  • Don’t forget to complement with a card in Bouquet!

If you are thinking of a surprise with just a bouquet then don’t forget to add a card in it making it more unique with a note for the recipient. So better write a heartfelt message in it or whatever it is you want to say that adds more glory to the bouquet and makes it even more beautiful.

  • Deliver your anniversary flowers in Style

After following all the tips you've finally decided on the flowers you'd like to give your loved ones on your first anniversary make sure you arrange them beautifully. The bouquet should be vibrant, young, and well-wrapped. 

Your special day is to commemorate, so go all out or even spend some alone time at home or any of your favorite places. Starting their morning with a surprise to set the tone of flower delivery in Northridge which is a great way to get things started and enjoy your day continuing to create memories.