Top 10 Trends for Wedding Flowers in 2022

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Flowers and weddings are inseparable and it is not likely to change any time soon. Couples have plenty of options like real ones and fake ones depending on the time of the year. In fact, it is hard to replace flowers with anything else. There are many decorative products like books, plants, feathers, and other decorative items that might be of interest that can be used instead of flowers. However, it is not something a majority of people will expect to find in a wedding and not many would prefer walking down the aisle with a book. This article provides the top 10 trends for wedding flowers in 2022 and benefits of shopping online for flower delivery in Encino. 

Top 10 Trends for Wedding Flowers

  • Bold colors:  Bold colors are here to stay and are likely to remain popular in 2022 as well. This includes bright colors like purple, deep red, stunning pink, and other similar colors.
  • Simplicity: Simple flower arrangement that includes either one or two flowers is gaining in popularity; this includes flowers like roses or carnations. The aim is to allow the focus to rest on the bride and the ceremony and the flowers only adding a touch of beauty to the wedding.
  • Green: Green is in since a while and is likely to remain so for the near future. Fresh greens for bouquets as well as centerpiece is something that is likely to remain a hot favorite all through 2022.
  • Combination of Texture & Color: A combination of wedding flowers that are the perfect combination of good texture and color will grab the attention of all guests.
  • Romantic Pastels: This is a trend that has its origins in Royal Weddings. Pastel shades set the perfect scene for any wedding like pink, azure, and mint.
  • Elegant Cascading Flowers: Cascading bouquets are back in trend allowing one to be highly creative with their floral arrangements.
  • A Mix of colorful flowers: Colorful & creative flower arrangement for the floor and walls that make good use of the space available can add a unique touch to your wedding.
    • Natural white:  White is natural and adds a vintage feel to the wedding. There are enumerable combinations possible for this type of arrangement and is something that never goes out of style.
    • Peach theme: Fancy flower themes are gaining in popularity like the peach theme for bouquets. Adding different variants to create the perfect theme is bound to be a big hit at any wedding.
    • Lilac: Lilac flowers with a mix of purple, pink and other similar tones can create the ultimate combination, and are useful in creating the desired atmosphere. This is an ongoing trend that is bound to continue into 2022 as well.

      Benefits of Buying Online

      There are several eCommerce stores that allow you to buy flowers online after browsing through the many options at your leisure. This way you can shop at any time you like and from any place without being hassled by any salespeople. It saves you the trouble of visiting several stores and makes it simpler to research what might be best for your wedding. Tinas Flowers & Gifts is one such florist which is also an eCommerce store that offers wedding flower delivery. We have flowers for every occasion and the best collection of flowers for a perfect wedding.