The Origin of Sending Flowers

Flowers are the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care or to thank a friend for their kindness. So why not make someone you care about feel special this holiday season by giving them the gift of flowers? Tinas flowers is your one-stop solution for flower delivery in Woodland Hills, California.   

Was this, however, always the case? Like anything else, receiving flowers is a custom with a long history. In light of this, let's examine how flower-giving has evolved. 

Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones


Oldest History 

The art of communicating with flowers, also known as floriography, has been practiced for hundreds of years. Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman myths and legends mention the usage of flowers. The Greeks gave flowers a special place in their culture and connected them to the gods.   

Color Language of Flowers   

Customers can send flowers abroad to convey their love, sorrow, remembering, and joy. Different meanings are attached to other flower types. This depends on its color, background, and bouquet arrangement.   

How did flowers come to have such rich symbolic value, then? You might be surprised to learn that our predecessors have long utilized flowers to convey meaning and sentiment. During the 1700s, the French and English found a whole language of flowers in Turkey.   

The discovery of the flowery language led to the development of contemporary floral customs. It enables us to express our emotions and to rejoice or lament.   

Ancient Greek Flowers   

Giving flowers as a gift has a long history, dating back to the Ancient Greeks. They would bring floral gifts to temples because they connected flowers with gods.   

This custom eventually spread to presenting flowers to attractive ladies or earthy goddesses. From then on, the business started to develop as a means of expressing emotion.   

Ancient Egyptian Flowers   

People valued flowers before the Ancient Greeks. Flowers were a significant part of the beliefs and practices of the ancient Egyptians.   

Before entering battle, Pharaohs would adorn their wagons with flowers. Peasants also used flowers near the Nile River to beautify themselves and their loved ones.   

To express their love and admiration for lovers and gods, the Egyptians often presented flowers as presents. Egyptian tales claim that people formerly sang at gatherings in honor of the Lotus blossom and celebrated it with a feast.   

Flowers During the Victorian era   

Victorians, who lived in an era when people didn't believe in expressing emotion, embraced flowery language as a legitimate form of self-expression. As was customary for the Victorian era, much thought and attention to detail gave the flower its intended significance. For example, an upside-down flower was thought to have the opposite meaning from its original intention. Without speaking a word, its color, size, condition, accompanying flowers, and even the arrangement of the buds about other flowers all expressed a message.  

Today's Flowers   

The history of giving flowers is a long and rich one that is still being written today. It formerly could have been considered improper for a woman to send flowers to a guy in the United States. It no longer registers as unusual in our modern world. Modern science and technology have made it possible for all types of flowers to bloom all year round. New methods for sending real or fake flowers anywhere in the globe are made possible by virtual flowers and online florists. At Tina's flowers, we deliver fresh flower arrangements and offer freshly cut flowers. Shop from the best florist in West Hills and receive a blooming flower for any occasion.  

To Sum Up:   

Flowers play an essential role in our lives, whether it's a wreath, a table centerpiece, an anniversary, birthday, holly, ivy, or red roses. Send beautiful hand-picked flowers to your loved ones and get same-day flowers delivery. We're sure to have the ideal arrangement for your special someone.